Kim Brown, the amazing founder of Nature Therapy CIC, share with the Gorgeousness Programme some of the awesome reasons to become a health scientist!  

1.      Health science involves the scientific delivery of health care to humans or animals and in some cases both. It’s for you if you would enjoy using scientific knowledge to inform clinical practices aimed improving the health of living beings.

2.      The branches of health science are virtually endless, spanning traditional and conventional Western medicine as well as alternative medicine. It also includes spiritual-based healing processes as long as they have a scientific evidence base. So, if you have an interest in people, nature and animals then Health Science is for you.

3.      Many creative and caring individuals who want the best possible outcomes for people, animals and the planet are drawn to study Health Science. It is a science that embraces the art of caring and sees the creative process as fundamental to ensuring well-being.

4.      Also individuals who want to study first for a profession are future budding health scientists – this includes nurses, midwives, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and a range of other health related professions who then go on to study Health Science at a higher level. I trained as a nurse and midwife and loved my profession before going on to gain a Doctorate in Health Science

5.      Gaining a Doctorate in Health Science means you could get to travel the world doing things you love – I got to be alongside native Americans working horses, rode some of the most amazing horses in such beautiful places, and met people from all around the world who have become friends for life.

6.      As a Health Scientist you can follow your passion – currently I work with wolves with people who have addiction problems

7.      As a Health Scientist you can be the person you are truly meant to be.

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