The Gorgeousness Facilitators Programme is an intensive three day training that will allow you to begin delivering the Gorgeousness Programme in your community and start earning from straight away. It may be that you already work with young people as a coach, mentor or teacher and have direct routes to take this work into your community. Women in all kinds of working or support roles will find that the Gorgeousness model of delivery adds tremendous value to the work they are doing with young people.

Alternatively, you may be looking to set up your own business delivering the Gorgeousness Programme. If so, please know that we are committed to our graduates going on to create thriving businesses and for this reason will not only take you through all tools you will need to be a world class facilitator, but we’ll also share the marketing and business building techniques of accomplished experts to grow your practice and attract clients.



The Gorgeousness Programme Facilitator training runs over three days,
starting on a Friday at 10am and concludes on a Sunday at 5pm.


In our introductory session, you’ll get oriented to the programme and meet the other participants from around the country. You’ll also learn why the Gorgeousness Programme was created, the need it serves and why it has proven to be so effective in lifting body esteem in girls.

We will then dive into the Gorgeousness Programme material. Because the first session in the programme is a 4 hour delivery, this module will take up the rest of Day One. At the end of Day One and Day Two, all students will be given a module of the session/s covered to learn and deliver to the group the following day.


Session One: Meet Ideal Beauty. Discover how our current beauty paradigm was formed, the dark history behind the billion-dollar beauty industry and clarify for yourself – and your groups – what Gorgeousness means. Explore the components of self image, body image and use the neurology based secrets of the beauty industry to begin reclaiming your Gorgeousness. Learn how to facilitate the process to help girls create their own Gorgeousness blueprint.


Over the course of day two you will cover Sessions 2-5 of the Gorgeousness Programme. These sessions are delivered on a weekly basis for six weeks after the initial Gorgeousness day and typically run for 1.5 hours each.


Session Two: Discover how self-objectification has evolved alongside the camera and how this issue is impacting young people today. In this module we focus in on selfies, social media and you will learn how to facilitate the Inner Selfie tool.

Session Three: We look into body ideals throughout the last one hundred years. How have women been expected to change? Body language and how we can use posture to lift and lower mood. You’ll explore and redesign your personal body labels, shifting your own internal narrative and that of the groups you lead.

Session Four: Empowering girls and yourself with the Communication Cycle of Gorgeousness. Unpack relevance of strong, empowered communications to your group. Learn how to how to facilitate our NLP Voice Confidence visualisation to help improve girl’s ability to assert their ideas/opinions

Session Five: Discover why passion is related to happiness. Identify your own passion story and facilitate group sharing around passions and life goals as well as showing your groups how to embark on a Passion Project.


We begin Day Three by covering the last two sessions of the Gorgeousness Programme. This is followed by a final module that will arm you with all of the structures and strategies to begin setting up your Gorgeousness Practice when you return home.


Session Six: During this session we unpack the menstrual cycle; the four seasons/phases of the cycle and hormonal shifts. We link body-esteem with the inner critic and see how changing hormones during the four phases of the menstrual cycle impact our relationship with the body and self. Learn tools to facilitate conversation around society’s perception of the menstrual cycle. How to facilitate showing girls how to chart their cycle and process their menarche experience.

Session Six: Exploring the links between purpose, body-esteem and aspiration. How to facilitate processes to help girls access their calling/s. This module also covers ways to close your group, end well and complete the programme successfully.


This final module covers the practicalities of setting up as a Gorgeousness Facilitator, for example, insurance, health and safety, background checks and finding the perfect venue. We will look at things you can expect to come up within groups, as well as everything you need to know about how to set up your group and market to parents, schools and other organisations as well as pricing, funding and evaluating programmes.

Following the completion of the Gorgeousness Programme Facilitator Training, you will be asked to set up and deliver your first 7 week programme. During this you will receive two 1-1 coaching sessions with Bethan to help reflect on your experience and navigate through any challenges that may arise. At the conclusion of your first 7 week delivery, you will receive a final 1-1 reflection call with Bethan and this will mark the end of your facilitator training.