Girls … tech is moving fast … and we have NO IDEA what the psychological impact of screens are doing to the grey matter between our ears.

By the time someone sensible/scientific has devised a test to work it out, tech will have leapt to a whole new level again. The reality is that everything is moving quicker than we can keep up with it and we’re sprinting faster than gazelles (who’ve accidentally crashed a lion’s feeding party), just trying to keep up.

All of our lives and sense of self/reality are impacted by interacting in the online world.

For many of us the invention of the internet has EVEN spun out the way we inhabit our bodies.

What do you mean, it’s “spun out the way we inhabit our bodies”?!

Because we’ve become preoccupied with how other’s perceive us – our lives, our looks, our friendships and social lives are all documented online- we have learnt to do this thing called “self objectification”.

Wiki says: “Objectification looks at how society views people (in this case, women) as bodies for someone else’s pleasure. This occurs in advertisements where the body but not the face of a woman is shown. These messages put an unrealistic standard on women’s bodies, dehumanizing them to an object of visual pleasure, and self-objectification occurs in response. Women start to internalize the message that they are not individual human beings, but objects of beauty, pleasure, and play for men, and they start to look at themselves and their bodies as such.”

Put simply – we begin to obsess about how other people are seeing us.

 Which is really annoying, because … 

Girls have been dealing with this for centuries (since the transition of feudalism to early capitalism when the divide of the sexes was imperative to the success of bringing in the working wage. At that point women’s bodies were the source of the labour force for those in power so their value in society was reduced to unwaged “women’s-work” and sexual objects to be impregnanted).

Prolonged objectification naturally leads on to self-objectification … and all of this has been made a bazillion times worse by the invention of the internet.

Since like EVERYONE now owns smartphones we use filters on cameras to  capture our reflections, modify them and share those images in exchange for likes. Not only does this eat up loads of time and energy but it also stops us being just okay with who we are … and makes us feel like we exist for EVERYONE ELSES EYES TO LOOK AT.

It changes our point of reference for Self.

When was the last time you went to a party, experienced something beautiful, did something cool – and DIDN’T post something about that online so everyone else gets to “see” the performance of your life?

The result of all this?

When our bodies and lives become a “show” for others, rather than being the “subjects” looking out into our lives with agency and power, we’re living in a second-hand reality … a projection of our consciousness into the eyes of the onlooker and what we *imagine* they are seeing of us.

This is enough to make anyone paranoid!

It’s means that the way we feel about who we are is ultimately tied up with how we think other people see us.

Most tragically, we get so caught up with thinking, anxiety, worrying and focusing on “out there” that we lose our sense of embodiment – the beautiful experience of living within our own skin and being ourselves looking out into the world.

Are you up for breaking this mould?

Are you up for smashing through the norm and becoming unique, different and standing out for no longer self-objectifying?

Then check out the links to the blogs below and learn how YOU can stand out from the crowd by getting immune to “self-objectification”.

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