“Lisa had an awesome time on the Gorgeousness Programme. She’s now more open to talk about subjects that before she held back from. She’s more certain about who she is and what is important to her.” J.R / Parent


* Reduced anxiety around weight and body shape, replacing the “perfection” model with “I am good enough.”

* Getting clear on what makes her unique and valuable so she can approach her life with confidence and zest.

* Empowered body language strategies so she can move out of her comfort zone and break through fear-points.

* A quick shift out of self-objectification (fuelled by the selfie culture) and into self-care actualisation.

* Greater ability to communicate feelings and hold her position in social situations—with adults and peers.

* Clear boundaries set around needs and expectations and the tools to confidently stand by those boundaries.

* Strategies to manage her monthly hormonal cycle so she can surf her cycle and positive leverage these changes.

* Deeper connection with her body, passions and purpose in the world.

* Confidence to step fully into her unique Gorgeousness and GO for what she wants in her life.

PLEASE NOTE: The Gorgeousness Programme touches on the subject of self-harm, binge eating and substance misuse in Session Four/Voice. We understand that whilst many children as young as 12 are exposed to these issues through either peer groups or family, some children may not have come across them. We ask that, as a parent or carer you are aware of this before purchasing the programme.


Hi, I’m Bethan.

Nearly 10 years ago I wrote a book called Grow Your Own Gorgeousness. It was a clarion call for women and girls to love their bodies and break away from the narrow definitions of beauty celebrated in our culture. Since that time there has been an explosion of   interest in the way the media portrays women’s bodies and the impact this has on girls and women.

Not only does low body confidence   plant seeds of life-long anxiety for many people, but it also blunts opportunity, chisels away aspiration and blocks free flow of self expression.

Despite studies on body image and the new popularity of the subject, very few methodologies have been developed to help girls reclaim their bodies and redefine their version of beauty.  The Gorgeousness Programme has been designed and proven to facilitate both. 


“I’ve noticed a huge positive shift in my daughter since she attended the Gorgeousness Programme.  She has stopped wearing make-up to school (this was previously unheard of), realises that her sense of beauty comes from within, is less dependent on her phone and is even beginning to embrace and appreciate her menstrual cycle.” H.S / Parent


High body esteem is a feeling of being comfortable with the skin you’re in. It is a combination of how much you value yourself (self worth); your attitude towards yourself; your ability to manage and steer through challenges; your confidence in your abilities; how you compare yourself to others; how you perceive yourself within the community in which you live. People with high self and body esteem are shown to experience:

* Increased levels of resilience

* Raised confidence  and successful outcomes

* Self motivated goals and ambition

* Healthy relationships

* Increased well-being, creativity and aspiration


Low body self-esteem is the feeling of your body being worth less than others. This often leads on to a feeling of helplessness and creates resentment towards others. Teens with low self and body esteem are unlikely to achieve their potential. Research has also shown that low self esteem leads on to a  variety of challenges for the individual, such as: 

* Low aspiration and goals

* Substance misuse/ addiction

* Chaotic relationships

* Inability to know when and who to trust

* Sexual dysfunction

* Depression and anxiety



“I second guessed myself and hated how I looked.”


“Perfect is impossible. Be individual. Be you. Be HAPPY.”

N.B/Year 10



“I acted like someone I wasn’t and wouldn’t leave the house without make up.”


Believe in yourself. Know you can do anything.”

J.N / Year 9



“I didn’t go to school. I kept my head down. I cut myself.”


“I am vibrant. I can achieve anything. I can do anything.”

S.G / Year 10



“I felt ugly. I binged on chocolate then starved myself.”


“I’m gorgeous, amazing and can value myself for who I am.”

J.S / Year 9



“I smoked, I cut, I drank. I thought I’d never be good enough.”


“You are who you are. Just believe in yourself and be you.”

N.B / Year 9


The 7 week Gorgeousness Programme will give your teen the inner mind-set shift that she needs to break out of the “ideal beauty illusion” and the outer tools to boldly start living from a place of high body esteem.

By enrolling, she will get: 

7 weekly Gorgeousness sessions delivered via video and downloadable resources, so she is able to participate from anywhere and in a way that works around her schedule.

A simple step-by-step system that can take your teen from a self esteem casualty to the resilient girl that she was born to be.

Each session combines watching video, listening, drawing, writing and physical exercises, engaging and catering to all learning styles. 

 The science behind how images in social and printed media impact her feelings of beauty.

 Access to over 20 powerful exercises that will shift her body esteem up the Gorgeousness Scale.

 Practical mini-trainings on tricky subjects such as Communication, Expectation, Body Language and Surfing her Menstrual Cycle.

 Inner-work to help her let go of negative self-image, change internal dialogue around her body and overcome  negative thinking.

 Explorations and ideas for growing her passions and projects in her outer life.

 A library of inspiring, action packed articles from women spear heading their industries in the sciences, arts, politics and humanities. New trainings and tool are added to the blog each month.

 A supportive and dynamic community of creative, visionary peers to support, coach and cheer-lead her towards a life well lived.   




* Images of girls on this page are not the girls who gave the testimonials as they asked to be kept anonymous. However, all of the written testimonials that are on this page are from girls who have been through the programme. *